Best Cheap Cup of Coffee

WildFlour Pastry

Staff Pick

I'm not against spending $4 on an iced latte. I swear. But that's a cup best drank on an afternoon spent quietly reflecting in the coffee shop. Not when you're having your 2 p.m. sugar crash and need to find the nearest cheap joe, but don't want to cave in to a chain. We realized that WildFlour Pastry had a respectable coffee selection one afternoon while purchasing their baked goods (which, by the way, are some of the best in Charleston). A small cup of coffee, hot or iced, will cost you a buck-fifty. That's it. Go up a size and you're still under $2, even after tax. In fact, the most expensive drink on their menu is only $3.25, a starting point for beverages at some of the other local shops. We've been stopping by the Spring Street bakery at least twice a week lately. I bet they know my face by now. Lauren Mitterer and crew: I'm the brown-haired girl with glasses with the small iced coffee to go, room for milk.

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