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goat. sheep. cow.

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When you’re stuck in traffic on Broad Street, sometimes you just gotta say, “Cheeses take the wheel.” If you’re lucky, the fromage gods will hear your prayer, make you take a hard right and deliver you in front of goat.sheep.cow. This cheese emporium is really the only reason we have to go South of Broad — not like T-Rav is inviting us to his crib on Church Street any time soon — and oh what a reason it is. Proprietors Trudi Wagner and Patricia Floersheimer pack this walk-in closet of a store with every ooey, gooey, milk-made miracle one could think of. Want an afternoon bite of Rogue River Blue? Got it. Need a charcuterie platter for a Friday night porch party? No problem. Craving a fig orange spread, prosciutto cotto, La Bonne Vie Triple Creme Brie, and arugula sandwich on an EVO semolina baguette? Done and done. If there was room for a cot in the corner, we’d move in because god damn it we love these cheesy SOBs.
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