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Best Chilled-Out Chiropractor

Keystone Chiropractic



Keystone Chiropractic
912 Savannah Hwy. West Ashley.
(843) 225-4080

Keystone's as far removed from a sterile doctor's office as you can get. Located on Hwy. 17 for the past three years, it's a family-run private practice with a cool, informal atmosphere. It's not just for people with screwed-up spines. Patients in high stress, underpaid jobs visit regularly for physiotherapy, pain relief, deep tissue massage, and muscle therapy. Nimble-fingered chiropractor Dr. Alex Cooker is also a concert pianist, and he emphasizes total body healing and relaxation. Best of all, he doesn't have all those discomforting, scary charts and models of the human spine that you'll find in most back doctors' offices.

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