Best City Council Member

Mike Seekings

Readers Pick

Mike Seekings is firmly established in Charleston’s ruling class. He’s a city councilman, a lawyer, the head of our public transit system, and by the time this issue hits the stands, a candidate for mayor? “Sit tight, it won’t be very long,” he cautions.

Seekings, a towering presence with dark hair and glasses, stands out among his 12 peers on council. Maybe it’s because he looks like a non-British John Oliver (or an adult Harry Potter), or because he’s one of the more vocal city leaders. (Never forget the time he told a heartfelt story about finding old slave tags under his house, only to say that those who showed up in favor of a slavery apology were taking part in “high political theater.” He later voted in favor of the apology.) Let’s just say he’s not one to hold back. “From where I sit right now, in a city as dynamic as Charleston, the biggest challenge is to have a vision and have a plan, and I think right now, there’s probably a void in that regard,” he says. —Adam Manno

Runner-up: Bill Moody

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