Best Clint Eastwood Impression

Leon Stavrinakis

Staff Pick

The 2015 mayoral race was Leon Stavrinakis’ race to lose, and boy oh boy, did he ever lose it. When his fellow candidate Ginny Deerin released her first Stavrinakis attack ad, you could practically see him sitting in an office chair, his face turning red, and the veins in his forehead bulging as he screams “KHANNNNNN!!!” However, there was still hope for Leon at that point. He could have ignored Deerin’s attack or at least mocked it. Instead, he went on the attack. Somewhere along the way, the anger turned into madness, and Leon decided to hold a press conference blasting his run-off opponent John Tecklenburg’s decision not to debate him. The reporters that had gathered at the presser immediately began to wonder why there were two podiums. They feared the worst. And when Stavrinakis stepped up to one podium and no one came to stand behind the other, their fears were confirmed: Leon Stavrinakis had gone full Clint Eastwood. Needless to say, Leon lost. —Chris Haire
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