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Boone Hall Farms

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  • Jonathan Boncek

The opening day of strawberry season at Boone Hall Farms is an unofficial local holiday in its own right. And you know you’re doing something right when you have people anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get their hands dirty and pick their own produce.

As one of the country’s oldest working farms, Boone Hall’s history stretches back more than three centuries and still serves as a local source for fresh strawberries, tomatoes, peaches, and whatever else may be in season. Boasting fresh produce, seafood, a well-stocked market, cafe, and butcher shop, Boone Hall Farms stands out as more than just your average seed-and-feed operation. Like all the best farmers, you can say they are outstanding in their field. They’re historic. They’re fresh. And best of all — they’re local.

“Boone Hall Farms is all about being local. And certainly we want to thank the local community who have supported us and voted us as the Best of Charleston,” says Rick Benthall, director of marketing for Boone Hall. “We are very grateful to them for voting for us and giving us this honor.” —Dustin Waters

Runner-up: Legare Farms

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