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You may not realize this, but the Baby Veronica case wasn't quite so cut and dry. You'd be forgiven for believing that if you only followed the coverage from our local media. The story, as presented here, was one of a negligent father, Dusten Brown, who signed away his rights to his baby girl because he was a no-good, immature asshole, and the Capobiancos, and their adopted daughter, were the victims in this little tragedy. However, if you happen to read the coverage of the story in the Oklahoma daily Tulsa World, the hometown paper of Mr. Brown, a different picture emerges. Consider this overview from the Tulsa World: Dusten Brown was engaged to Christy Maldonado when she became pregnant in 2009. She broke off the wedding plans before arranging a private adoption with Matt and Melanie Capobianco, who took Veronica to South Carolina just three days after she was born. Four months later, as he was getting ready to deploy to Iraq, Brown signed papers that he thought would give full custody to Maldonado. When he realized that Veronica had already been taken out of state, he sought an attorney's advice the next day and began seeking custody." Kinda changes things, doesn't it?
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