Best Country/Dance Musician Since Rednex


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When one thinks of the local music scene, there are quite a few different styles that spring to mind: faithful cover bands, bluegrass-tinged jam bands, loud shouty-screamy rock, self-absorbed indie rock, poppy power pop, and, now, country synth pop. It’s been many a moon since the Rednex introduced their dancey little ditty “Cotton-Eyed Joe,” but fret no more. Enter the sugary, corn-pone world of TEX!, an Iowan transplant with a knack for making candy sweet music that will rot out your eardrums with odes to the joys of feeding cows and chickens (“Back to the Farm”), country-fried love (“Cowboy”), and, when time permits, a few bouncy takes on some Beatles tunes and even Ray Price (“Heart Over Mind”).
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