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Hanging out underwater might be the best way to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers this season. With that completely reasonable option in mind, why not consider Charleston Scuba — a local institution that has dominated the Best Dive Shop category and the hearts of readers over recent history. Seriously, Charleston Scuba has pretty much been a favorite of City Paper readers for the majority of its existence, which means they managed to bypass that awkward adolescence that plagues so many dive shops.

From teaching aspiring divers the tricks of the trade and outfitting them with new gear, to coordinating charter adventures and providing veterans with everything they need, Charleston Scuba offers everything that divers of all skill levels could — ahem — fathom. With a full crew consisting of store staff, instructors, divemasters, and captains on deck to make your undersea dreams a reality, Charleston Scuba is the perfect shop to turn a curiosity into a hobby, and hobby into a passion, and a passion into a way of life. Or at the very least, it’s a good place for those interested in diving to get their feet wet. —Dustin Waters

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