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Recovery Room sells the second highest amount of PBR in the country

Staff Pick

Thirty-nine cases. That’s all that separated our beloved Recovery Room from some lame place in New York City as the country’s No. 1 seller of Pabst Blue Ribbon 12-oz. cans. Thirty-nine freaking cases. In total, Rec Room sold 5,200 cases of everyone’s favorite cheap bear, but it just wasn’t enough. We failed. And we can’t let that happen again, understand? It’s time to pull your weight. Get a promotion? Get a PBR. Lose your job? Get a PBR. Recovering from a horrible hangover from drinking too much PBR the previous night? Then get another freaking PBR. Because Charleston is the best city in the whole freaking world, so we should be selling the most PBR. Got it?
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