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If you're not hip to the latest drinking craze, we'll lay it out for you. First, vodka is bad. It's a cheap, tasteless spirit that simply adopts the flavor of whatever you're mixing it with. Second, the Prohibition ruined cocktails in America for many years. We're just now emerging from this sex-on-the-beach-induced fog. Before the teetotalers shut the party down, there were ryes, bitters, absinthe, liqueurs, and a host of interesting, inventive cocktails. Then, post-Prohibition, it was all gin martinis and vodka tonics. Last year, the pre-Prohibition trend swept the town, and suddenly everyone was drinking Sazeracs and Corpse Revivers while swearing they would never drink vodka again. We're not convinced these $10 cocktails are here to stay, but they've been fun to try. Now get me a double vodka martini, stat.

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