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Pure Barre Charleston

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If the words “and lift” start your quads a quiverin’, then you’ve probably been to a Pure Barre class. Pure Barre offers exercise classes designed specifically for women that focus on toning hips, thighs, abs, bums, and arms. We hurt just thinking about it (but in a good way). Pure Barre Charleston owners Jen Leitch, Jenn Vannatta, and Randi Seckinger practice what they preach, too. Both Jen(n)s and Randi say that Pure Barre has changed their bodies in ways other exercises never could. They also stress another important aspect of the class: relaxation. What? Our legs are shaking their heads no. But a 55-minute class focused on specific muscle groups does give the mind some time to chill out. With three locations, there’s no excuse not to meet us at the Barre.
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