Best Exit

Renee Dudley

Staff Pick

Oh, Renee. You left us way too soon. Who cares what Gov. Nikki Haley thinks about you? Who cares what she said about you? Who cares why she ran away from you like a fattened pig from Farmer Hoggett on Christmas Day? Actually, we do care, and that’s one reason why we hated it when you left Charleston for a tony job at Bloomberg. Gov. Haley was scared of you because you were the one mainstream journalist to call her on her bullshit, and we loved you for it. However, before you left town, you managed to drop one heckuva bombshell on the Holy City: S.C. Speaker of the House and Charleston resident Bobby Harrell had been using campaign funds to reimburse himself for flights he took on his private plane. Kudos.
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