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Chef Brett McKee

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There's nobody brasher and ballsier than Brett McKee when it comes to promoting himself and his restaurants. The guy's from Brooklyn, so whaddya expect? From the get-go, he's been an avid social media user, even incorporating it into his menu concept for Roadside Kitchen. When he was abruptly ousted from the venture last summer, he wasted no time heading online to commiserate with friends, network with colleagues, explore opportunities, find catering gigs, and even help raise money for his pet causes. In between, he found time to share everyday events like beautiful sunsets, new tattoos, juicing regimens, and afternoons by the pool. In the end, it was a wild year in the life of McKee, full of highs and lows, and if you're one of the thousands who follow him on Facebook, you've been privy to all of it. The big lesson of his feed, though, is that he has put himself out there in a big way, and in return he receives an overwhelming amount of support from his virtual friends, who had his back through it all.

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