Best Familiar Face Watering Hole

A.C.'s Bar and Grill

Staff Pick

A.C.'s Bar and Grill is irreplaceable. Now, we don't like to use absolutes, but we feel like everybody has had/is having a love affair with this dimly lit, Arcade Fire-soundtracked dive bar at one point or another. And why's that? Because there's something for everybody at A.C.'s. It's where all the various social groups crash into one another. Maybe, it's the can't beat-with-a-stick ‘beer of the month' prices and varieties, or the hilarity of the A.C.'s champagne list, with its single item of Miller High Life. Scoot into one of the wooden booths or pop a squat at a stool with whoever your people may be — you're going to end up dancing on the booth by night's end with your new best friends anyway. Even if you don't start your night at A.C.'s, count on ending it in its comfortable bubble of inter-relatedness. Oh, and try to stay out long enough to hear the "Circus freaks" last call cue.
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