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Joe Riley Tells Everyone to Go to Bed

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Listen, there are a lot of things we like about Mayor Joe Riley. For anyone who has been in this city since the ’70s (or who has family who were), you’ve heard the tales of how Little Joe helped transform Charleston into the booming metropolis it is today. That can’t be overlooked. But Joe channeled our dear Dad this year when he tried to tuck us all into bed at midnight. “But Dad!” we cried, “We finished all our homework and took out the trash! We’re not even tired! This blows!” then slammed our doors really, really hard before reopening the doors and slamming them again. Listen Papa Riley, we love you and we’re going to honor you long after you’re gone, but this late-night moratorium bullshit feels like that time our real dad told us in front of our friends that we weren’t allowed to go to the prom after-party because there might be kids there smoking “the pot.” We said it then and we’ll say it again: “Dad, you’re embarrassing us!”
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