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Barton Swaim’s The Speechwriter

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We’ve all had dreams of walking up to our boss, saying “screw you!” and proudly walking out. But no one gave a better FU this year than Barton Swaim, former communication director for then Gov. Mark Sanford and a past City Paper contributor. In his tell-all The Speechwriter, Swaim revealed his nightmare working for the Luv Guv. “For weeks at a time I would drive to work in the morning nervous to the point of vomiting,” he writes. While much of the book analyzes the use of language in politics, it also gets to the heart of what power can do to a person and reminds us all that, as Swaim says, “Politicians please the masses not by actually doing wise and virtuous things with state power but by making the masses believe that’s what they’re doing.”
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