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In Charleston's biggest Twitter drama blow-up of 2011, the student body president at the College of Charleston caught all kinds of flak for some inflammatory comments he had allegedly made via the anonymous Twitter account @CofCPolitico. "Bitchy VP is being bitchy," read a tweet supplied by one of Kressel's political foes in student government. Among the other imprudent transmissions: "Just saw big tits freshman, who is now a sophomore" and "Sororitute just gave me the bitch glare." But the remarkable thing about the public ordeal of Kressel's near-impeachment (he later resigned of his own accord) was the way he kept his cool. The senior political science major was always tight-lipped around the press, but he was polite, even as his classmates labeled him a racist, a misogynist, and an unfit leader. Kressel hasn't said where he's headed after graduating in May, but he has spent part of his spring semester traveling in Israel and Cuba. Who knows? He says he's not running for office in South Carolina upon graduation, but we might not have seen the last of Ross Kressel in the small, small world of politics.

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