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Folly Beach

Staff Pick

When my wife and I went to see Folly Beach at PURE Theatre last summer, we walked into the room and immediately laughed in recognition at the set design, which was meant to emulate a typically outdated beach house interior. The pastel tones and white wicker certainly looked like a few seaside shacks we’d visited, but more than anything, it brought to mind the misadventures of some spunky old biddies. “It looks like the set of The Golden Girls,” my wife said. We didn’t know it at the time, but this effect was 100 percent intentional. We busted a gut when, partway through the first act, a character entered the stage and remarked how much it looked like the Golden Girls living room. The play itself was sharply written by local actor and playwright David Lee Nelson, and castmembers including Cameron Tubbs and Evan Parry delivered memorable performances. But the first thing that comes to mind when we think back on that memorable night is the set. Hats off to the designers and carpenters.
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