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Whole Foods Market

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Some of us here at the City Paper do most of our grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. Judge us if you will, but the prices cannot be beat, the Great Value knockoff breakfast cereals are sometimes better than the originals, and the snack food aisle is prime real estate for people-watching around midnight on weeknights. But one area where America's most loved and hated megastore falls short is its produce department, which ranges in quality from mediocre to kind of nasty. So when we've got the time, we like to make a separate trip to Whole Foods, Mt. Pleasant's Mecca of fruit and vegetables. By some miracle of modern shipping, their avocados are always just-ripe, their apples spot-free, and their prices surprisingly reasonable. We don't buy much of anything else there — we'll keep our cheap, non-organic freezer pizzas and taquitos, thank you very much — but when we're making a mean gazpacho or a refreshing summer tabbouli, the trip is well worth it for the top-notch ingredients. Besides, where else are you going to find satsumas, gooseberries, mizuna, and dandelion greens?

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