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Best Guy to Teach You a Little Something About the Birds and the Bees

Brad Sale at Old Santee Canal Park



Brad Sale at Old Santee Canal Park
900 Stony Landing Road. Moncks Corner. (843) 899-5200

Just half an hour from downtown Charleston, you can rent a canoe (for $3!) and escape into the wild wonders of the Santee Canal, just south of Lake Moultrie. You'll see lots of birds, and maybe even a little reptilian action sunning on a log or swimming by you in the water. Schedule your trip around one of their many planned events, and you'll get a dose of knowledge in addition to their already informative displays and visitor center. Intrepid naturalist Brad Sale regularly leads canoe trips, walks, and bird and animal showings on weekends. In April, he'll tackle hummingbirds and their mating rituals (and how to attract them to your yard), and in May he'll get out the snakes. If you've ever wanted to feel the cold scales of a (harmless) serpent running across your skin, this is your chance. And they'll also make sure you know how to spot the ones you don't want to pick up when they slither into your yard.

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