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Cafe Europa

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We adore collards and fried chicken. We have even been known to crave shrimp and grits and she-crab soup. But our love of Lowcountry fare doesn't mean that we don't sometimes want something exotic, something ethnic, something from a different part of the world, which is why we were very intrigued when Café Europa opened on Dorchester Road. The proprietors, Slobodan and Maribel Mijic, moved here last June from Houston and opened their restaurant near the Air Force base. Their cuisine is similar to Mediterranean and Greek food but with a Turkish twist. They make the lepinja bread fresh in-house every day and serve specialty dishes like cevap (sausages in lepinja bread with kajmak sauce) and pljeskavice (ground meat stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, and crushed red peppers). Apparently, our readers were pretty excited at the thought of Café Europa, because as soon as we wrote about the place, a bunch of them hightailed it out there to check it out and came back to tell us how great it was.

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