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If there was one single person who dominated the news last year, it was Thomas Ravenel. Not only did the disgraced former state treasurer and cokehead make a return to politics by running for a U.S. Senate seat against Lindsey Graham, he was also the breakout star of the Charleston-set reality TV series Southern Charm. Through most of the shows run, Ravenel came across as an unrepentant cad and a first-class cup diver prone to strange, hypnotizing speeches about Macbeth and The Glass Menagerie, but by the end, our beloved T-Rav had transformed into a sensitive soul who was just looking to settle down. And he did. Suddenly, it seemed as if what we had just witnessed on the tellie was a redemption story. It wasn’t. T-Rav, being T-Rav, did what T-Ravs do: make the news for doing something supremely stupid. In this case, Ravenel reportedly got shitfaced at his home, assaulted his baby momma’s stylist (and we use the term “assaulted” lightly), got buck naked, and fell into the pool with his newborn baby girl Kensie. While the police incident report indicated that the matter had been filmed, in the end only a snippet of the event had apparently been captured and, frankly, it was boring. Here’s hoping that T-Rav steps it up in 2015.
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