Best Indication Our Kids Are Earthquake-Ready

Seismic School Rebuilding

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If Charleston's history has taught us anything, it is that we should never mess around with earthquakes or Abraham Lincoln. While ol' Honest Abe is no longer a threat, the possibility of an 1886-style shake-up is still with us. So when the Charleston County School District determined in 2010 that some of its school buildings would be unsafe in the event of a quake, officials got to work on a plan to temporarily relocate students in those schools while they are brought up to construction code. This year, all five of the at-risk schools — Memminger Elementary, Buist Academy, Charleston Progressive Academy, James Simons Elementary, and Sullivan's Island Elementary — are scheduled for an overhaul. So if you live near Buist and are annoyed at the all-day clanging of metal piles being driven into the ground, remember: It might be annoying, but it's going to keep children safe.

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