Best Jackass with a Video Camera

Tyler Jones

Staff Pick

The Republican Party has James O'Keefe, but the S.C. Democratic Party has Tyler Jones of S.C. Forward Progress. While both are video camera-wielding partisans, O'Keefe is not above fabricating a video in order to take down the GOP's enemies — real or perceived. Jones, however, tends to let his interview subjects — by and large diehard Republican supporters and Tea Partiers — hoist themselves by their own petards. One such video of Michele Bachmann supporters was particularly damning, painting the former GOP candidate's fans as a bunch of science-hatin', Bible-thumpin' rubes. Thanks to Jones and the rest of the Forward Progress crew, the once-sackless S.C. Democratic Party finally appears to have grown a pair, and they're now willing to take the SCGOP head on.

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