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Andy Paras

Staff Pick

I’ve got a confession: Years and years ago, I was walking the streets of downtown Greenville when I found an employee ID on the ground. The company: The Greenville News. The employee: Andy Paras. And while I was tempted to use the ID as my own, and in the process unleash a reign of identity-theft terror the small world of South Carolina journalism had ever seen, my better angels got the best of me. Although I never returned the ID — sorry, Andy but I was a real asshole back then — I kept up with Mr. Paras over the years, and I must say that I was thrilled to see him emerge as the Lowcountry’s premier social-media master. While I miss Andy’s police scanner and Twitter heyday, he still remains one of the single most important media personalities in Charleston. Which is why I have mixed feelings now that he has made the jump from The Post and Courier to the world of broadcast journalism, joining the ABC News 4 team. I honestly just don’t know what to expect from his Twitter feed from here on out. Change is a scary thing. Oh, what am I saying? You couldn’t pry Paras away from Twitter. Congrats on the new job, Andy.
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