Best Kid Who Played with Bugs Done Good

Ben Timpson

Staff Pick

A lot of kids misspent their youths pulling the wings off flies, but only one grew up to turn them into angels and demons. Kansas City-born Ben Timpson places found objects like bug bits, flower petals, and hair onto tiny slides. He magnifies the images and adapts them into photographed or painted artforms. Often the results look like tall and graceful ladies or winged, multicolored aliens. Timpson arrived on the local art scene in 2007. He works downtown at Artist and Craftsman Supply, and he’s represented by SCOOP Studios on Broad Street. His well-received November show is still bringing in collectors today. The gallery is planning another solo show for him in the fall, when he will use more ugly critters to make intricate, ethereal giclees. But before PETA starts picketing, note that the insects are dead when Ben finds them. Most of the time.

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