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David Aylor knows a thing or two about the law — he’s a successful criminal defense attorney and civil litigator and the current acting prosecutor for the City of Hanahan. Aylor sees both sides of the legal system, so he’s especially equipped to help out clients. If you find yourself in cuffs (not the 50 Shades kind) you’re gonna want to call Aylor. As a Charleston DUI attorney, we imagine that Aylor has seen his fair share of repentant drivers. If you find yourself among them, you can be sure that Aylor’s the best guy for your case. He’s also got a stacked team of lawyers, investigators, and paralegals. When he’s not being a badass lawyer, Aylor helps out his community by participating in the Attorney Assistance Program at CofC (a program that provides free consultations and legal advice), supporting Hanahan Elementary Lunch Buddies Mentoring Program, and serving on the board of Push Up and Up — a push-up competition to support proven programs in dropout prevention. Hey kids, stay in school, and you may just make CP’s best lawyer one day, too.
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