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Best Lighting Malfunction

The Full Monty



The Full Monty
Piccolo Spoleto. June 2, 2007.
Charleston Ballet Theatre.

Charleston theatergoers hoping to get an early peek at The Full Monty got even more than the risqué show promised. The Broadway musical based on the '90s film is about sloven steel workers who hit the stage in an all-male, all-nude revue. The show traditionally ends with the men finishing up a rousing closing number by ripping off their thongs and tossing the police hats covering their privates in the air. But before you can see anything, the lights go out and background floodlights give you only a silhouette of the guys in all their glory. But in an unexpected timing error, the actors threw their hats a few beats before the lights went out, giving the crowd more than a glimpse at their full monties. Don't worry, fellas, we heard nothing but rave reviews.

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