Best Little Market in a Faux-Village Neighborhood

Mixson Market

Staff Pick

For years, the Mixson neighborhood has stood out in Park Circle like a pus-filled boil on the otherwise perfect schnoz of a supermodel. Just a few homes. Just a few residents. And a heckuva lot of empty land. It was as if Walt Disney decided to create a theme park in Orlando and stopped at Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. But oh, have times changed. Today, Mixson is a hotbed of construction work, and things are finally looking up. Case in point: the opening of Mixson Market. Last year, this little neighborhood market first opened its doors, offering tasty sammies and salads and a sizable collection of local display case food items, from Callie’s Biscuits to Caw Caw Creek pastured pork, Sweeteeth Chocolate, King of Pops, Rio Bertolini, and more. And while Mixson Market doesn’t make up for the lack of a grocery store in Park Circle, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.
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