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Even after 26 years with the Charleston Animal Society and numerous wins as Charleston’s Best Do-Gooder, Kay Hyman maintains the understanding that every worthwhile effort is a team effort.

“Being ‘Do-Gooder’ is only because I’m doing the good work of the Charleston Animal Society. We have an amazing team here at the shelter,” says Hyman, the group’s director of community engagement. “I don’t spay and neuter animals. I don’t clean their cages. What I do is I take them out and present their stories to the community, whether it be on TV or radio or in print. That’s why I’m a Do-Gooder because I have about 100 do-gooders behind me doing the hard work.” From the veterinarians who maintain the health of the animals to those adopting animals, they all unite in a 145-year mission maintained by the Charleston Animal Society. And in the more than a century since the Animal Society formed, they’ve still never turned away a helpful hand.

“I always say, you can give a gift of your time, your home, or your money. It’s critical that you do something to save lives. That’s how I started 28 years ago as a volunteer because I saw a need and I knew I could help,” says Hyman. “My forte at the time was marketing, so I knew that I could help, and it would be easy for me and I love animals. There are people out there that have skill sets that will help us, whether it be entering data or someone who is coming in and folding laundry or donating food or money. We need all of that.” —Dustin Waters

Runner-up: Pet Helpers

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