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The Critic, 96 Wave


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The Critic, 96 Wave

Longtime disc jockey, CD collector, and dedicated rock 'n' roll advocate The Critic (a.k.a. Jim Voigt) kicked off his amusingly up-and-down career at 96 Wave as a rookie broadcaster doing a morning show with co-hosts Atom Taler and Richard Todd in 1993. Thirteen years later, he's heralded by local readers and listeners for his atypical DJ style -- strongly-opinionated, slow-talking, hyper-knowledgeable, and full of healthy suspicion of the music biz. He's been hired, fired, re-hired, and shuffled from one daytime slot to another. He survived the station's recent wave of "readjustment" events (in which half the staff were dismissed or left) and hits the air with strength and vigor on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and during the weekly "Sunday Over Easy" program from 9 a.m. to noon on Sundays. Listed here are 10 reasons why City Paper readers love The Critic (five from him, and five from us):

Why The Critic is the Best, According to The Critic:

1. He bathes regularly.

2. He buys at happy hour.

3. He's far less attractive than you.

4. He's not lazy.

5. He's a good liar.

Why The Critic is the Best, According to the City Paper:

1. He's close buds with the occasional co-host and event joiner-inner, the curvy Miss Jackie.

2. With his knowledge of current underground indie pop, rock, alt-country, and international releases -- and a willingness to seek them out -- the "Sunday Over Easy" show is the closest thing to "smart college radio" in town.

3. He regularly complains about the ineptitude of music industry wanks and major record labels.

4. He sounds exactly like Herman, the one-armed owner of Herman's Military Antiques on The Simpsons.

5. He overplays The Ramones on a regular basis.


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