Best Made-Up Wine Word

"Aquaoir" from Mira Winery's Ocean-Aged Wines

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Now we've heard some whoppers before — what's that? Justin Bieber was spotted on King Street?! Let me grab my Belieber poster and oh, oh I see you were joking — but few have tested our limits of gullibility more than the term "aquaoir." You wine snobs know that terroir means that a plant, often a wine, takes on the characteristics of a region's geography, climate, and geology. Well, when Mira Winery (a Napa winemaker with offices in Charleston) decided to drop a couple of bottles of their vino into Charleston Harbor, they said they were testing the aquaoir, or impact of the sea on the aging process. Yeah, sorry guys, not the same deal. If anything you're simply testing the bottles' temperature at sea level. I mean if I leave leftover pizza in the fridge for a week, does that mean it has a certain fridgoir? Erm, no. That said, props for creativity. And of course, we'll be happy to taste test to be sure this terminology is, in fact, bunk.
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