Best Margarita That Won't Make You Feel Like You Drank the Blood of the Toxic Avenger

Taco Boy

Staff Pick

Between shitty tequila and radioactive-green ready-made mix, frozen margaritas are usually a recipe for disaster. Not only do you have to deal with a night of brain freeze and poor decisions, but you have to live with yourself when you wake up in vomit-covered clothes the next morning. This all may sound a little extreme, but it's a pretty well documented fact that massive amounts of chips and salsa mixed with toxic waste isn't exactly the best thing for one's body. This is why most smart people tend to eschew the frozen treat for the on-the-rocks version — except the lucky folks who've discovered Taco Boy's Pineapple-Infused Margarita, which is arguably the most delicious alcoholic beverage this side of the border. Made with Sauza Giro Gold tequila that's infused with fresh pineapple, vanilla, and cinnamon, and mixed with orange juice and their housemade sweet and sour mix, this light, frozen drink goes down as smooth as water, which, depending on how you want your night to turn out, could be a good or bad thing. It'll give you a nice buzz well worth the $6 — and one that definitely won't make you want to get it out of your system later.

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