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We've given Glenn McConnell a lot of grief over the years, and we promise that we aren't going to resort to poking fun at the lieutenant governor's infatuation with Hunley seamen. Instead, we'd like to applaud him for making the best of a bad situation. See, there was a time when Glenn, as the Senate Pro Tem, was the single-most powerful man in Palmetto State politics, but thanks to the resignation of Ken Ard, McConnell was forced to move up to the lite gov position, a job with little to no power. While McConnell could have orchestrated a return to the Senate, he didn't. Instead, he decided to announce — very publicly, mind you — that he wanted to be the next president of CofC. And others, like Daniel Island's Jim Merrill and West Ashley's Leon Stavrinakis, thought that was just all kinds of awesome. In fact, it was so awesome they didn't see a reason why CofC should even consider anyone else. However, CofC faculty disagreed. They wanted a national search. And they got one. However, Merrill and Stavrinakis attempted to deep-six that effort by suddenly introducing a bill merging CofC with MUSC; after all, who exactly wants to be president of a university when the fate of that school itself is up in the air? When CofC released the names of the finalists for the president's post, one candidate had already dropped out of consideration followed immediately by another, leaving McConnell to fend off two challengers. Since then, McConnell has been named prez leading to a loud public outcry.
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