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Best Massage for the Timid Man

Urban Nirvana



Urban Nirvana
8 Windermere Blvd. West Ashley.
(843) 720-8000

The idea of getting a massage is never as appealing as the experience of getting one. Urban Nirvana handily overcomes the hump from idea to experience. The first thing to help is the Japanese koto music, dim lights, and soft-cushioned chairs to sit on while you wait for a massage therapist. Then there's the men's changing room. If you're a man, you're aware that a biohazard bin is cleaner than your typical men's room. Here, I found terrycloth robes, sandals, lotions, colognes, and more things I'd normally find a little too frou-frou. My therapist made sure to ask me about my profession in order to work on the parts of my body repeatedly strained by my workaday life. About 40 minutes later she finished, and I was very happy.

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