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Best Meal You Can't Afford without Getting a Second Mortgage

Food and Wine with a View at the F+W Fest



We don't know for sure, because none of us can afford to go, but the $650/plate "Food and Wine with a View" shindig that the Charleston Food + Wine Festival puts on must be a pretty grand time. The annual black tie soiree, held in Ms. Terry Henning's swank two-floor penthouse at the top of the People's Building, plays host to some of the country's top talent. We snuck in last year to help uncork enough Italian wine to cover the top of a grand piano. We also caught a glimpse of Chef Norman Van Aiken plating up the night's delights. So, the next time you win the lottery, remember to reserve your ticket early or you'll be stuck in the cheap wine tent on Marion Square with thirsty riff-raff like us.

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