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The old ice-packing building on Spruill Avenue in Park Circle is just ripe for a renovation. For who knows how many years, the facility has slowly devolved into an eyesore, but one with a lot of potential. It could be a nightclub or a restaurant or an office complex ... almost anything. So it came as no surprise that shortly after the first trucks were spotted outside the building and construction crews moved in, all the PC Facebook groups were taken by a rumor swarm, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Ryan Gosling was rumored to be in Charleston back in 2013. In the end, the structure got a new coat of paint, and the painted “ICE” sign on the front of the building had been changed into “NICE MEAT.” The reason: The ice-packing building was slated to be part of a sign at a butchery in the upcoming HBO comedy Vice Principals, which was shot in the neighborhood. Sadly, once shooting was complete, the “NICE MEAT” sign was changed back into “ICE,” and the site is just as big of an eyesore as ever. Sigh. —Chris Haire
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