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"Nature Notes" on SCETV

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Mornings are hectic. We're rushing out the door, getting the kids to school, and a long day of work awaits. That's why, to start the day, we tune in to SCETV radio to hear Rudy Mancke's ‚"Nature Notes" segment. Mancke, one of South Carolina's most prominent natural historians, answers listeners' queries about flora and fauna from around the state. Maybe a couple from Litchfield Beach has a question about a peculiar seagull they saw, or maybe a gardener from Columbia found an unusual insect on her pepper plant. Mancke always has the answer. Sometimes, on a slow day, he'll use his segment to share a snippet of poetry or a reflection on the natural beauty that surrounds us. ‚"Nature Notes" clocks in at just 60 seconds, but it's enough to remind us to step outside and look around.
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