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Low Country Harley-Davidson

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Low Country Harley-Davidson didn’t take the award for Best Motorcycle Shop because they sell bikes, though they do have a pretty sweet 66,000 sq. ft. dealership chock full of Harleys on Dorchester Road. They ended up atop our list because they’re about culture, community, and style as well.

The farm-themed dealership was designed to resemble a country farm, right down to the barn-like showroom and a four-story silo. And they also feature a “lifestyle” area with Harley-themed furniture, a rare early Harley bicycle and tons of Harley-related collectibles from the 1970s to today. So if you’re a bike lover the place is a great hang in addition to having a fleet of amazing Harleys and a staff with 50 years’ worth of experience to service them. —Vincent Harris

Runner-up: American Biker

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