Best Neighborhood Garden

Riverland Terrace

Staff Pick

There’s something to be said for a community garden. When a neighborhood of plant-minded folks can get together and grow some love, well heck, it’s as if they’d all planted magic beans. Instead of a crazy tall beanstalk popping out of Riverland Terrace, though, there’s just a nice, homegrown neighborhood garden featuring plots for whomever chooses to buy in. The honor system goes here — admire what’s not yours, but be sure not to take it as your own. And in a hamlet as sunny and kind as Riverland, who would think twice about that? Bonus: After you pick your heads of lettuce, pop over to the baseball field to watch your kiddo throw a ball around, or head down the street to Pour House for live music, or the Terrace for a flick. —Connelly Hardaway

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