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Best Neighborhood Wine and Cheese

Avondale Wine and Cheese



Avondale Wine and Cheese
813-B Savannah Hwy. West Ashley.
(843) 769-5444

Half the romance of a wine and cheese shop comes from its environs. In big cities like New York and San Francisco, and all over Europe, every neighborhood seems to offer up the ideal quaint store to procure your favorite vino and fromage. Sadly, mainstream America has become overrun by superstores (even the gourmet variety) that claim to offer the same service but without any of the ambience. Herein steps Manoli Davani to the rescue. Her charming store, Avondale Wine and Cheese, transports you from the suburban rush of Savannah Highway to a leisurely holiday where the most important decision is what to eat and drink. With about 250 wines and 120 cheeses Davani, gives plenty of ammunition for that choice, and on Mondays and Thursdays she offers tastings to educate your palate.

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