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The Five-Mile Viaduct

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If you’re in downtown and you’ve suddenly got a hankering for Cincinnati chili at Madra Rua in Park Circle, you need to know the quickest way to the North Area. While Spruill Avenue is the most popular route, two others — Meeting Street Road and King Street Extension — actually provide the faster paths now that the City of North Chuck decided to take the four-lane Spruill down to only two. But for the past couple of years, both straight-shots up Meeting Street Road and King Street Extension have been hampered thanks to the demolition of the Five-Mile Viaduct bridge. This year, the bridge was finally completed, and it’s a sleek beauty — well, at least as far as concrete DOT projects go. The bridge gets bonus points for having sidewalks on both sides and fencing to prevent jumpers and bowling ball droppers. —Chris Haire
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