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Hanna Raskin, Post and Courier

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We're competitive people in the news business, and when we heard the Post and Courier had hired a nationally known food critic, our first response was, "It's about time." Our second was, "Damn." For the past decade or so, we've pretty much had the market cornered on quality food coverage in this town. Sure, Charleston mag has pretty pictures and good writing, but the monthly glossy just has no teeth. The weekly restaurant review in the daily, exiled to their weekly entertainment publication, hasn't been a must-read in years. That all changed when Hanna Raskin moved to town last August from Seattle. Without trepidation, she jumped into the scene and started slinging words, some harsh, some praising. You could say nobody was ready for it, but we were, and we think she's upped the food writing game in this town. Hate her or love her, the Charleston food scene deserves a serious, full-time writer to deliver the good and the bad. She's got our respect for not pulling her punches. Now, whether the sensitive Southerners of Charleston can deal with that remains to be seen.
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