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Now, if you're like most of us here at the City Paper, you could stand to lose a few pounds. Truth be told, we're a heavy-drinking and hearty-eating group of folks, thanks to Swig and Dish. Which is why Charleston is our sort of town. After all, if the Holy City is anything, it's a heavy-drinking, hearty-eating place. But the sudden explosion of CrossFit gyms in town may change all that. Oh, you don't know what CrossFit is? That's fine. We didn't at first. We thought it had to do with Jesus. And, in most cases, it doesn't. But from what we've been able to gather, CrossFit appears to be an exercise cult devoted to worshiping Pukey the Clown, in which devotees receive word from their instructors about what exercises they're supposed to do that day and then they work out until they vomit. OK. We jest. CrossFit fans don't worship Pukey. They just wear T-shirts with him on it, and they pride themselves on their vomit-inducing workouts.

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