Best New Example of South Carolina’s Oratory Failings

“You lie!”

Staff Pick

Miss Teen South Carolina Caitlin Upton represented the state’s fine education system in 2007 with a rambling pageant response (“…the Iraq, everywhere like such as …”). She held the embarrassment trophy as long as she could, but there was another beauty queen hunting for that crown. As President Barack Obama tried to address critics of healthcare reform last fall, Congressman Joe Wilson got really angry about whether or not illegal immigrants would benefit from the proposed bill. No, said the president. “You lie!” said Joe Wilson. The outburst was made even better by a picture of a red-faced Wilson pointing and screaming in what looks like an homage to Scarface. After the outburst, the world wanted to know who was looney enough to interrupt the president, including Mrs. Joe Wilson. “I said ‘Joe, who’s the nut who hollered out, “You lie”?’” Roxanne Wilson said in an online ad defending her husband’s passion.

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