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Charleston County Schools Implement Healthier Lunch Options

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We want Charleston’s youths to grow up healthy and strong, so we were excited when we found out that the Charleston County School District is making tremendous efforts to bring healthy foods to schools in the area. Staffs at Buist Acadamy and Mitchell Elementary tried out new menus during the last school year, and 10 new schools are testing them this year. Menus include baked chicken, “tater-less tots,” kale, black-eyed peas, and turkey-ham soup. The schools also discovered that students are more willing to eat certain foods based on how it’s presented — apparently salad looks more appealing in a black pan than a stainless steel one. CCSD Nutrition Services even has a Facebook page to get kids pumped for healthy eats. They feature pictures of a garden growing collards, strawberries, cilantro, and more. The school district is also making an effort to use as many local products as possible, which is an initiative we can always support.
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