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The only thing that would get me to spend my Saturday driving three hours in the car to Laurens, S.C. (and back) was the promise of meeting a real deal sheep herder. Worth every mile. Bill Coburn has been raising collies and herding sheep for sport and for his farm since the '80s. When he showed up at Brittlebank Park with Luke, Lucy, and Meg for this year's SEWE, the crowd went wild. To witness this man barely speaking above a whisper com-mand the sleek, furry forms of three well-trained collies, to see a small herd of sheep falling perfectly in line, just as Coburn wants them to, now that is a sight to behold. As we wrote in our profile on the real life rancher, "Each dog has their own commands — a whistle for left, right, down. To the untrained ear, they all sound the same. But when Luke hears the whistle for 'left' he's up, in a flash, body low to the ground, eyes never leaving the cluster of sheep. Meg and Lucy, nearly shaking with anticipation, do not move a muscle. Eyes glued to the sheep, 'to the work,' the two know better than to interfere with Luke's herding." — Mary Scott Hardaway
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