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Pick Thai

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Exclaiming about the unlikely awesomeness of a restaurant that's located in a nondescript strip mall has become quite the cliché. How surprising is it for things to be located in strip malls, anyway? Our suburbs are covered in them, so it's likely that a decent restaurant or two will end up in one, right? So in this accolade for best new Thai restaurant, we will not express disbelief that there's good food to be had in a nondescript strip mall on James Island. It will, however, express disbelief in finding great Thai food in a strip mall on James Island. For so long, we've had limited choices for ethnic fare, and a lot of times, when we do get ethnic stuff, it's watered down for American palates. We want the stuff you're cooking in the back for yourself. We don't want the boring, humdrum stuff you're cooking for us. Which is why Pick Thai is awesome. The flavors are bright and zingy, and when you ask for Thai hot, they're gonna give you Thai hot — even if they're pretty sure you can't handle it. And for that, we thank you, Pick Thai.

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