Best News for King Street Shoppers with an Acute Sense of Smell

Closing of Abercrombie and Fitch (making way for Anthropologie)

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One of the things you notice during a walk down King Street these days is something that’s not there. For years, there was a fierce scent permeating the block of King Street south of Wentworth. But not just any smell — it was tween outfitter Abercrombie and Fitch’s “Fierce,” the store’s signature men’s cologne, which literally rains down from the heavens through ceiling-mounted misters installed in many stores. To make way for women’s apparel and home furnishings store Anthropologie, the shirtless male greeters, thumping techno, and dusting of eau de puberty is gone in favor of scented candles and throw pillows. You can still get your Fierce fix online though. It’s just $500 for “1000mL.” Guess Abercrombie’s demographic isn’t big on unit conversion.
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